Why agility matters

At Agile Accountancy we believe that with the following three things agility, energy and data you can overcome the dominant companies in your industry. 


We live in an increasingly entrepreneurial world, and more and more people think about starting up their own business or working for themselves. 

Maybe you have thought this yourself?  Or maybe you have taken the plunge and maybe have moments of doubt that it was the right thing to do?

You look at the companies that dominant your industry and have such a strong brand and power that you dream about building something similar.

So you start off with a business idea but for most of us there are too many barriers, too much risk that you foresee ahead, so you stick with the day job for the safety of the treadmill.

You look busy and you build up a small sweat over the years, but you end up nowhere and probably have not pushed yourself to your full potential.  It is hardly the same as running a marathon is it?

Energy – This is what you bring to your business idea, the people you work with and most importantly your customers.  Working alongside your own values and vision is powerful and if you can get other people to feel it then you can bring about better service, better value and better trust then the bigger players.

With size and growth they lose their fizz both internally and externally, the honeymoon period is most likely over for staff and customers  both suffering from a wandering eye looking for something better.

Data – Data silos, proliferation of systems that are not joined up by a common strategy and staff that have learned processes passed down from 4 generations of employees all lead to a data headache.

We can help you build a data centric organisation, this is not all about databases and clouds.  This is about putting in the right key performance indicators for your growth stage so you can focus on the information that matters. 

It is about building a common language and platform that you can build processes and pick the correct software off so that you can scale up without suffering from information overload, data silos and running too much on gut instinct.

At Agile Accountancy we are more than just accountants, we aim to put financial systems and performance monitoring processes in place so that you can make better decisions built on data, that you know the way your data flows through the organisation and can have confidence in its accuracy and the story it tells.

Agility – Is the ability to react to what your customers want quickly and efficiently so that it is a win-win for both sides.  It is as about planning for the future and possible scenario’s and what needs to be done to react to them if they do indeed come about.  It is about having an effective learning and performance monitoring system (as well as culture!) in place so that the organisation is built to adapt and improve.

The dominant players are slow to react as they will cling onto their once winning formula, this makes sense as they have fine-tuned the business and driven efficiencies so tightly that it actually becomes irrational to go backwards and start to reinvent.

Having a reliable business advisor to help you plan and analyse your business is a key part of remaining agile.  It can be lonely at the top and an outsider to challenge you and provide advice should be a key consideration for future success. 

Having someone outside of your organisation you can talk frankly and confidentially with about ideas or maybe weaknesses is a key trend of recent times, and often falls upon business coaches. 

Do not confuse someone who is a good listener with someone who has spent years learning the skills to incorporate your issues into your business plan and financial impact, this is what we were trained to do and what we offer at Agile Accountancy.