Remember there are accountants and there are financial partners, you can make use of our services while keeping your core financials with your current accountant.

Consultancy service

Our rates are generally bespoke to the project required and length of assignment.  We are currently in an early adopter partnership mode and so our rates are very favourable if you are looking to work collaboratively with us to complete solutions to your problems.

On average depending on the mix of staff and on-site requirements project day rates are about £250 exc VAT currently.

Financial Consulting Projects – Our lead consultant is from business not practice (he has not been preparing other peoples tax returns since 16!) so knows the challenges business face in pulling data together to present both financial KPI’s as well as compliance numbers. 

Assignments could cover:

Internal controls evaluation of your current finance processes – “do you really want Gary being able to authorise unlimited bank transfers

Modelling Complex Excel for scenario planning or budgeting or work with us using our recommended tool Live Plan “how many new staff will we need if this thing really takes off and how much cash?”

Funding and investment support for private investment, crowd funding and lending pitches.  “A compelling story backed up by a tight set of figures is what is I like to see”

Data migration from other systems
Document and data management systems for managing workflow, important documents and going paperless.

KPI and dashboards Setting up and monitoring KPI’s appropriate for your growth stage are key to success.  We  can also implement reporting and MI tools using Microsoft Power BI to use your existing data sources to create dashboards.

Consultancy days – It can be lonely at the top and you sometimes need to bounce ideas off someone or need heavy duty advice.

Do not fall for the allure of the over priced coach who has learned a bunch of funky sound bites and simple techniques from an online coaching academy.

You might not realise but modern accountants have to pass exams that also test their knowledge on business management, IT and strategy frameworks. They also get to see these in action day in day out, the numbers are only part of the modern accountants tool set.

Strategy workshops

We use Strategyzers Business Canvas and Value proposition as well as Blue Ocean techniques to assess how your business model or ideas fit together and who they are aimed, uncovering maybe faulty assumptions or giving you confidence to invest.

Business planning and roadmaps

We can run you through our tool of choice LivePLan that can make flexing variables easy to see what they impact is on cash flow, bottom line profit and resource investment might be. 

We are happy to take you through setup and implementing a road map, using our software of choice, Roadmunk. Road mapping helps take your business strategy and helps align people and partners along the way, turning a vision into a timeline of goals and deliverables.

Accountancy service

Flash accounts –  

Is your Company House filing deadline looming?

Worried about not paying HMRC on time?

If you are a contractor or having a very simple business model we might be able to turn around your accounts within 7 days.  Enter your details on our Pricing or Contact page, and select FLASH ACCOUNTS

Start ups and scale ups-  We like to work with people looking to start their own business as we can imbed best practice and software form the start and thus form an effective long term partnership.  We can offer a free consultation and general advice if you are just testing the water.  If you have big ambitions and have chosen an accountant based on having an office near you, we are happy to talk about why we might be better suited and what boxes you might need ticking and have not asked your accountant if they can supply this.

Business and Financial Systems –  Looking to add some real backbone to your financial systems?  We can design and implement the next step up for growing businesses or those that wish to scale quickly, with a long lasting integrated system. We are experts in Xero, Quickbooks and developing an MS Financials 365


Looking to move beyond QuickBooks and Xero? Microsoft Dynamics Financials 365 is our current recommendation for those looking to move to the next level in Cloud Accounting.  It integrates very well with Microsoft CRM and Sales solution giving you a stable business stack without the need to start integrating a host of apps and add-on’s.

Long term Financial Partnering – We have limited spaces for longer term business advice and financial support, if you are looking for a part time FD or a Financial Controller to provide oversight and advice or just a one off mentoring session get in touch.

Portfolio company oversight

For sophisticated investors we can help you ensure the correct processes, controls and reporting are put in place within investments to help keep the business you are backing heading in the right direction. We can provide a common consolidation of information for performance monitoring and even provide full year end consolidated accounts and tax in most circumstances.


The government R&D program is very beneficial for many businesses and the rules are quite straightforward if you can get your house in order.  It is best to start thinking about this sooner rather than latter as recording R&D accurately is a process that should be built in, not some afterthought.

Outsourced book keeping

We do not focus on this but work closely with the Finance Factory ( who we recommend if you are a micro business, sole trader or small enterprise that needs financial record keeping services.

Remember accurate record keeping is a legal responsibility for all individuals operating a business in the UK, regardless of legal structure

You can also save thousands by using an outsourced book keeping and financial admin specialist rather than hiring or running the risk of relying on a junior or family member to look after your records (no offence mum!)


  • Book Keeping
  • Payroll
  • Statutory tax compliance and reporting for VAT, Corporation tax and self-assessment.
  • Company secretarial and Companies house reporting.


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