Partners are our top rated solutions to business processes which we use, and recommend if you want to give them a try without us!

The Finance Factory


Is a partner company and focuses on compliance and tax work for sole traders, property landlords and very small businesses.  They offer a book keeping service and compliance work much like a traditional accountants but focus on being online and utilising technology.

Live Plan


Business planning software suitable for most small businesses and links to QB and Xero, we can create bespoke Excel models for you but this is a cheaper option and the best option for most.  Contact us if you want to future proof your business finances.



Our Road mapping choice.  We use this ourselves internally to create a high level plan that can be pivoted in many ways, great for presentations and aligning the daily operations with strategic goals.  It provides a swim lane and time map view.  We can incorporate this into strategy sessions to pass on our love for this tool.



Book up a strategy session and we can help you create a top level business canvas to systematically approach new product and service ideas.  The business model canvas is a great way of creating a snap shot view of a business model and the website has lots of free content, also check out their YouTube channel.



Our story telling tool of choice to create compelling presentations, great for fund raising and promoting your business to outsiders.  We can transform your business plan from just an old school clunky binder into a memorable real time exploration of your vision.

One Note


We are experts in the use of One Note within your business to drive collaboration, reduce application switching and centralise informal information.  One Note is one of the least used but powerful tool for a modern entrepreneur.  Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive guides, tips and short cuts on how you can use this program.

Virtual Cabinet


A document management system, going paperless requires intuitive workflow and clear electronic filing system a must for the modern business.

Paperless tools


We use the Fujitsu ScanSnap for super slick and integrated paper scanning, it can integrate with many cloud apps, can double side scan and handle odd size media such as business cards and receipts!  Of course it works with Virtual Cabinet like a dream.



We are currently trialing the services of a number of R&D specialists for when we feel our advice is not comprehensive enough.

Capital allowances


For anyone investing in commercial property or large expenditure we have number of specialist we think can help reduce your tax bill within this area of complex legislation.



We currently use a small panel of brokers that have access to a range of products for small businesses.



We have worked in the insurance market so have an excellent network of brokers for business cover and can provide opinions on direct providers.


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